Collect and remit monthly rent

Pursue non-payment of rent and provide on rent arrears actions

Deduct commission and other works

Advise all relevant utility providers of changes

Undertake quarterly inspection visits per annum and notify landlord of outcome

Arrange routine repairs and instruct approved contractors.

Hold keys throughout the tenancy term

Our standard fee: £120 inc vat per month of gross monthly rent

Set up fee £390 inc vat



Collect and remit monthly rent

Agree collection of any shortfall and payment method

Provide tenant with method of payment

Deduct any pre-tenancy invoices

Make any HMRC deduction and provide tenant with the NRL8 (if relevant)

Our standard fee £750 inc vat (no annual fees charged) just a one-off fee.


Gas safety Certificate & service £100 inc vat

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) £90 inc vat

Pat Test (Portable appliance test) from £50 inc vat

Electrical Certificate (Visual inspection) £50 inc vat

Electrical Certificate (full test) from £185 inc vat

Property Inventory from £120 inc vat (carried out by third party)

Renewal of Tenancy £180 inc vat


Client protection (DPS)

Independent redress provided by TPOs The Property Ombudsman


In accordance with updated legislation of June 1st 2019 and the revised code of practice as directed by our membership of the PROPERTY OMBUDSMAN, the following applies.

Before the tenancy commencement – 'The following pay be payable to Ramsey Moore Lettings Solutions Limited ‘the Agent'

Holding Deposit

A holding deposit of no more than one weeks may be required.

Refundable subject to the following criteria :-
  • Entering into a tenancy agreement with the tenant (Before the deadline for the agreement)
  • The landlord choosing to withdraw from the proposed agreement.
  • If the agent or landlord impose a requirement that breaches the tenants act 2019 or behaves in unreasonable manner such that it would be unreasonable to expect the tenant or relevant person to enter into the tenancy.
Non refundable subject to the following criteria :-
  • The provision of false or misleading information which the agent can reasonably consider when advising the landlord on the decision to let a property.
  • Failure of passing the right to rent check, providing that the agent or the landlord would not have been aware of the outcome prior to accepting the deposit payment.
  • Where the tenant /applicant withdraws from the proposed tenancy for any reason.
  • Where the tenant/applicant fails to take all reasonable steps to enter into a tenancy agreement (for example – not providing reasonable information requested to support the tenancy application)


A deposit of no more than five weeks rent will be required in instances where the rent is less than £50,000 per annum. The deposit unless specified will be secured in the DPS.


For English properties:

  • A Payment of £50.00 is applicable for any changes that are requested and implemented to the tenancy agreement.
  • For late payment of rent, the agent will charge 3% above the Bank of England base rate in interest on the late payment of rent from the date the payment is missed. The percentage is based on the rental amount.
  • For the loss of keys/security devices/fobs, the agent/landlord will charge the reasonable cost that can be substantiated in writing via a receipt.
  • Payment of any unpaid rent or other reasonable costs associated with your early termination of the tenancy - If the Tenant vacates the Premises during the Term apart from according to any agreed break clause which is included within the Agreement, the Tenant will remain liable to pay Rent and any other monies payable under this Agreement until the Term expires; or the Premises are re-let whichever is earlier.
  • Utilities, communication services, BBC television licence and Council Tax.

In summary, apart from the above there are no administration, referencing or hidden fees with all relevant information in writing as part of any tenancy agreement you may enter into via Ramsey Moore Lettings Solutions.

In line with our membership to the TPO and our adherence to the NTS we are members of the CMP via our membership to UKALA.

We are available pretty much 24/7 to service your needs and requirements and viewings/valuations can be tailored to your individual specification.

Our offices Have an “Anti Rush hour policy” where we all arrive fresh, unflustered and with no hint of stress, ready to offer a world class customer service experience to all our lovely clients and customers.

Our offices open at 10am daily, and we are open until 5pm with meetings/Valuations and viewings available as late as you like via appointment!